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The Reiki Pants story

The Reiki.....

Reiki is universal energy that can be directed, by a Reiki practitioner, to people, plants and animals, situations and events. We send Reiki to whoever is wearing our knickers and it is on-going so you will continue to receive Reiki each time you wear your Reiki Pants. Reiki is not about miracles or magic, it is universal energy and wearing a pair of Reiki Pants could help you begin to understand that you are powerful, that you have within you the capacity for wellness, joy, peace, fulfillment and abundance.

Being open to change and embracing possibilities can be challenging but trust in the universe and enjoy the journey! Reiki is a loving energy, every challenge in life offers learning and growth; listen to your inner guidance, trust your instinct and allow Reiki energy to help and guide you.

How Reiki Pants developed....

'Reiki Pants' evolved in response to my desire to help a close friend who was going through a very stressful time at work. I wanted to help in a light hearted but practical way and was inspired to create the first 'Reiki Pants', as a healing gift, which were given to be worn on busy, stressful days, to meetings and interviews. My friend found great solace, courage and confidence when wearing them; they became her go-to positive pants! After the lovely feedback and with the encouragement of friends, who thought other people may also benefit, the concept of 'Reiki Pants' as a business was created.

What we do....

Reiki pants differs from traditional distance healing, in that we do not send Reiki energy to named individuals for specific reasons or ailments, (although we do include names in our Reiki healing book for a period of time if you wish). Reiki energy is sent generally, to whoever is wearing the pants, and for the persons highest good, universal Reiki energy will always know what you need. We are all individuals, with different experiences and needs, therefore each persons experience of Reiki will also be unique. We send Reiki to people not to the pants.

To date Reiki Pants have been worn for courage, healing, energy and well being; they have been used for interviews, doctors visits, every day wear, writing a thesis and stressful work situations.

They have been given as gifts; as tokens of kindness and love for people in troubling situations and just for fun. Although Reiki Pants are not a magic cure all, it is humbling to know that they can offer hope and support and perhaps trigger a lasting interest in Reiki, personal growth, self healing and empowerment.

Wearing Reiki Pants will also remind you that you are not alone, someone is thinking of you, someone cares and wants the best for you.

Please remember we are all individuals and will have different experiences; Reiki Pants cannot guarantee any specific results.

Kay and Reiki.....

Reiki has a funny way of finding you; I have been practicing Reiki for many years but was originally initiated at first degree level almost by accident. I knew nothing of Reiki and had not heard of it before I agreed to attend a first degree class with a friend, who subsequently could not make it! I did not know what to expect but felt empowered and energised as a result and although a little sceptical I continued to have positive experiences when treating myself and friends. Reiki remained in the background for many years, I was content to treat myself regularly and friends occasionally and had no desire to take Reiki any further; however, the universe and Reiki energy has an interesting way of getting your attention and during a painful phase in my life, when I needed support, Reiki found me again, or at least that is how it feels, as circumstances contrived themselves to allow me the time to connect to people in the Reiki community and find the support I needed. As a result I was initiated to second degree level and therefore able to send Reiki energy distantly.

Reiki and universal energy continues to inspire me; it can also be challenging but that is where the learning is to be had and if you are willing to be open to change then anything is possible.

Love and light