Your Positive Pants

Empower your self; know that you have within you the capacity for wellness, joy, peace, fulfillment and abundance.

An unusual Reiki gift

Share the healing gift of Reiki. 'Reiki Pants' make a unique and thoughtful present for someone you care about; or wear them yourself.

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We send Reiki energy to whoever is wearing our knickers

Reiki pants are here to help you feel a little better, to feel empowered and to find your best self.

Knickers may seem an odd way of doing this but they will make you smile at least.... and that's a start.

There is also a more serious message behind the quirkiness of Reiki Pants; we all want to feel a little better in some way, physically

or emotionally and just maybe, Reiki Pants can be a step along the way, a helpful nudge in the right direction.

We cannot guarantee any specific results by wearing a pair of Reiki Pants; we are all unique with different needs and consequently our experience of Reiki will also vary from person to person. With Reiki Pants you receive healing energy for the needs of the day and for your highest good, not for specific issues. Only by wearing a pair of Reiki Pants are you agreeing to receive Reiki energy.